5 Office Interior Tips To Inspire Creativity

Design is of course about the look and feel of an office but it is also about inspiring creativity in the workforce.

Creativity is crucial in boosting imagination and enabling staff to come up with creative ways of solving problems.

The more breathing room for creativity, the more room for imagination to grow, driving curiosity and the hunger to learn and improve.

Here are some essential office design tips to allow creativity to grow and evolve in the workplace.

Incorporate Brightness Into The Office

A key factor in producing creativity in the office is brightness, and enough of it. Just imagine you were stuck in an office without windows and dimly lit for eight or more hours each day, very depressing.

You would feel trapped and unmotivated. Natural light and enough brightness influences mood for the better, allowing headspace for creativity and leading to less workplace stress.

Include Open Spaces For Reflection

Open spaces for reflection and comfort are a great way of destressing your employees even further. A breakout area where they can sit and chat helps take their minds off the stress that comes with a heavy workload and offers a place for collaboration.

More and more companies are creating snack areas, fitness areas or even games rooms within their workplace to inspire creativity.

Provide Enough Storage Space

Each employee requires enough storage space at their desk so it’s not cluttered and messy. This space and organisation allows the mind to be clearer, thus creativity is more likely to happen.

Create A Quite Space

Open offices are effective but what about when co workers are talking and you’re really trying to concentrate on heavy work tasks? If employees need to communicate but one or two seriously need to concentrate a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle is necessary.

This can also be used as a relaxation area when you simply need to get away from it all.

Implement Hot-Desking

Hot-desking, the practise of switching up seats for workers instead of assigning specific desks full-time encourages employees to move around and work with people from different departments.

This change in scenery is useful for creativity by getting inspired by new surroundings and coming up with fresh ideas. When getting your office designed keep in mind the practise of hot-desking and its pro’s.

Office Interior Specialists

At Axis Office Fit Out we are specialists in the field of office design and we keep the above tips in mind when planning a project.

Everything from the arrangement of desks to the various colours you decide will have an impact on your staff and their creativity levels. We aim to maximise creativity for all by offering innovative solutions that are outside the box.

Axis Office provide a huge selection of office interiors to meet all requirements. Want to find out more? Drop us a call on 01 5240989 today.