4 Office Interior Design Trends That Are Still Hot

office interior design

The evolving needs of the workforce make for some interesting office interior design trends that keep changing.

The need for collaboration and flexibility is ever growing today and trends are adapting for the millennial generation who make up a considerable amount of the working world.

From spaces allowing co-workers to get creative together to embracing the outside world here are four office interior design trends that are still hot in 2019.

Flexible Spaces

Move over Baby Boomers, there’s a new generation of employees that exist in vast numbers of the workforce across the globe. The millennials favour flexible and dynamic office spaces over private spaces.

These unconventional or casual working spots within an office are designed to provide minimal restrictions. Flexible spaces offer seclusion for completing tasks and the chance to move around, encouraging workplace wellness.

Going Green

Embracing nature into office interiors is on the increase. Often called “biophilic design”, it refers to binging nature or natural elements into man-made structures.

A biophilic interior design might include a number of plants, glass panels to maximise natural light and/or colour palettes and patterns reflective of the natural world. Incorporating this type of design reduces stress and anxiety, contributing to overall peace of mind in a hectic society.

Collaborative Areas

Collaborative areas allow for creativity to emerge and transform into action plans. They are relaxed spaces where employees have the opportunity to share ideas and hold fewer formal meetings.

The furniture chosen should be friendly and comfortable. Here one can learn and be inspired.

Branded Office Design

The branded type of office design is based on the concept every company has a story to tell. Branded office space reinforces the background of the company, its sense of identity, where it came from and what the workforce stands for.

A company’s beginnings or core values can be expressed through innovative and creative interior design. Office furnishings, colour palettes and imagery are all used as extensions in branded design to reflect this.

Which Office Interior To Choose?

With so many options the mind can become bogged down. We are here to help. Axis Office Fit Out offer 100% customer satisfaction. As we are always experimenting and keeping up with the latest trends we can create the perfect office interior design tailored for you.

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office interior design