5 Tips for Maximising Office Space

5 ways you can maximise office space

A problem often faced by our clients is how to make the most of limited office space. So, when it comes to maximising office space we’ve developed a few tips and tricks over the years to help do just that. Here’s a list of the of our top 5 tips for maximising office space.  

1. Declutter

Is your office design cluttered? As a small business, it’s very easy to outgrow your office design pretty quickly. This can lead to a build-up of clutter, with extra supplies and equipment taking up space in communal areas. Some employees may even have to share their workspaces with inventory.

However, most employees don’t feel productive in an environment that is overrun with people and excess stuff. In fact, the average individual workstation has shrunk from 80 square feet in 1992 to 39 square feet in 2014. That’s according to Jacobs – a major design and workspace construction firm – who note that 39 square feet is likely a bit more than most office workers actually have.

2. Think Vertically

In a small office space, it’s vital that you maximise every inch of available space. So, start thinking vertically and take advantage of all your vertical space. Use shelving that attaches to the wall. This help make the most of unoccupied space, while still being functional. If you’re in a rented space and drilling holes isn’t an option, try buying some desks with shelving above it. This is a good way to maximise your vertical space without marking the walls.
Maximise office space by having stand up meetings

3. Have stand up meetings

The negative health impacts of sitting – including heart disease, diabetes and premature death – have been well documented. The average adult sits for 8 hours a day, much of this is done at work. Not only does this impair your employee’s health, it also slows down brain function. So why not encourage your employees to spend more time standing?
Stand up meetings also help keep them short and to the point, which allows you to spend more time to getting on with your work. What’s more, for one of Stegmeier Consulting Group’s clients focused on increasing innovation, they’ve found that ‘rubbing elbows in close spaces’ often results in more creative ideas than typically come out of lengthy, structured meetings.

4. Light it up!

Use overhead downlighting such as a track with LED spots or recessed LED lighting (and not up-lights that illuminate the ceiling but create shadows everywhere else). Get a small metal LED desk lamp, too and avoid floor lamps that take up much-needed space.

5. Provide more telecommuting options

Small office? No problem – by allowing your employees to work remotely from home, you free up space in your physical office for employees who need the office space for things like meetings and conferences. While it might not solve all of your business problems, telecommuting is a great way for employees to secure the privacy they prefer when they work.
If telecommuting is a viable option for your office, be sure you have a strong enough Internet connection to keep documents on the cloud for employees to access from anywhere.
telecommuting options for employees can help when maximising office space
Do you need help maximising office space? Axis Office Fit Out provides arange of servicesincluding office design, office fitout and office refurbishment. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your existing office or create a completely new one,get in contactwith a member of our team today.

5 ways you can maximise office space

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