Office Interior Trends 2017

Office Interior Trends for 2017

Are you in the market for a new office in 2017? Or maybe you’re just thinking about an office redesign? Check out this list of office interior trends for the year ahead. These will help you make sure your new office is right on trend.


A good office can engage your employees, make them more productive and more importantly make them happier. However, a 2014 survey of 10,500 workers across 14 countries, found that 69% of people were not satisfied with their working environment. However, new office interior trends for 2017, look set to change that, as more businesses take employee happiness more seriously.


1. Bringing the Outdoors in

In recent years, research has shown the benefits of “green offices” that incorporate plants and flowers into the workspace. These environments are said to increase brain activity and lower stress hormones.

In fact, a Harvard University paper found that the cognitive performance of “green” office workers, was double that of those working in conventional environments. This shows that it pays to go green with your office space.

Adding plants to your office space also has the added bonus of improving the air quality of your office. By purifying the air, plants filter out allergens like dust and help reduce common allergy symptoms.

Google’s Dublin office is one such office that is championing this trend. An entire floor of this office fit out is fully carpeted with a layer of grass and scattered with luscious green plants and bark-faced wallpaper.


2. Acoustics

As the open plan office continues to be a popular choice of office fit out, it poses a number of unique problems in terms of acoustics and privacy. This has led many to rethink the fundamentals of productivity in the modern workplace.

Acoustics now play a big role in the design process. They are now an important consideration of any office interior. Not only do acoustic panels help reduce noise, but they can also sit as beautiful features within your office interior.

So, expect to see more of them in office interiors this year. As the popularity of open plan offices continues, more and more firms will seek new solutions to boost productivity and reduce noise.


3. Appealing to Millennials

As millennials become the largest generation in our work force, their influence on office interior trends in 2017 is set to continue.

This generation is famously preoccupied with finding a sense of purpose in their careers. Given this reality, office interiors should embody these goals and designers should consider how these goals can be visually represented in the workplace.


4. Designing for Well-being

One the most positive office interior trends forecast for 2017, is designing for employee well-being. As firms seek to reduce employee turnover, the health and happiness of employees has now become central to office interior design.

Things like standing desks, specially designed areas for collaborating and privacy, lighting, indoor plant life and accommodating healthy lifestyle options through gym memberships – all increase staff productivity and well-being.


Have any of these office interior trends inspired you? Axis Office Fit Out provides a range of services including office design, office fit out and office refurbishment. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your existing office or create a completely new one, get in contact with a member of our team today.

Office Interior Trends for 2017

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