Office Interior Design Tips from the Experts

Office Interior Design Tips from the experts

Are you looking to give your office interior a little lift? Or maybe your setting up a new office and want some great office interior advice? Well, here’s our list of office interior design tips. 


1. Invest in Quality Furniture

One of biggest mistakes companies make when they start out is that they don’t invest in quality furniture. Often, when organisations first set up, budgets are tight and when it comes to office furniture, companies generally opt for the cheapest available option.

However, one of the top office interior design tips that experts recommend is to make a solid investment in office furniture the first time around. Because in the long run it’ll save you money.

Furthermore, studies show distinct and direct relationship between poorly equipped desks and health problems, which can lead to serious longer term conditions such as mental health issues. So, for the sake of you and your employees this is one of the most important office interior design tips.


2. Brand Your Workplace

Your office is a great opportunity to showcase your brand. Often, when companies look for office interior design tips they miss this one. In fact, branding your office is as important as branding your stationery and how you design your office can say a lot about your company culture

Furthermore, the 2016 Workplace Survey found that a sense of purpose is integral to creating an innovative company. It’s important to reinforce why people work at the business. This keeps employees engaged, which in turn impacts the quality of the work they produce. So, if you’re looking to inspire your employees take this office interior design tip into consideration.


3. Create Great Communal Areas

A trend we see emerge time and time again is that companies rely too much on designing workspaces and not enough on developing great communal spaces for their employees. Office interior design tips aren’t just restricted to the areas where employees sit at their desks. They also extend to the areas where employees come together.

Communal spaces mean more than places where workers can eat their lunch. Great communal spaces allow employees to come together and share ideas and according to Diane Hoskins the Co-CEO of Gensler, an American design and architecture firm, “collaboration is critical for innovation.”


4. Incorporate as Much Light and Space as Possible

One of the best office interior design tips we can give organisations, is to resist the urge to cram as much furniture and as many people as possible into the available space. Light and space can make a big difference when it comes to office interiors. In fact, studies have shown that natural light can affect employee productivity.

Although, you can never have too much light or space. It’s important to get the right balance between giving your employees enough space and cultivating a “buzz” in your office. You want to provide a quiet place for people to work. But you also want to create a dynamic


Have any of these office interior design tips inspired you? Axis Office Fit Out provides a range of services including office design, office fitout and office refurbishment. So, if you’re looking to freshen up your existing office or create a completely new one, get in contact with a member of our team today.

Office Interior Design Tips from the experts

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