The 5 Coolest Office Fit Outs in the World

Whether we like to admit it or not, our offices are our home away from home. If you’re going to be spending 40+ hours a week in a single location, isn’t it worthwhile to at the very least make the space comfortable?

A good office can engage your employees, make them more productive and more importantly make them happier. However, a 2014 survey of 10,500 workers across 14 countries, found that 69% of people were not satisfied with their working environment.

So, to give you some inspiration for your own office fit out, here’s a list of 5 of the coolest office fit outs in the world.


1. Google, Dublin

No list, of the coolest office fit outs in the world, would be complete without first mentioning Google. This internet powerhouse has many breath-taking offices around the globe, however on of its best is based right here in Ireland.

Greenery and nature are two key themes running through Google’s Dublin-based European headquarters. As sustainability is a key focus area for Google, the use of green is said to reflect Google’s ecological focus.

The tech giant’s Dublin office, has been redesigned to incorporate all manner of natural landscapes from rural farms to mountain peaks to forests.

An entire floor of this office fit out (which has been dubbed a playground for nerds) is fully carpeted with a layer of grass and scattered with luscious green plants and bark-faced wallpaper.

Google’s chosen design focus, doesn’t just have aesthetic appeal. In recent years, research has shown the benefits of “green offices” that incorporate plants and flowers into the workspace. These environments are said to increase brain activity and lower stress hormones.

In fact, a Harvard University paper found that the cognitive performance of “green” office workers, was double that of those working in conventional environments. This shows that it pays to go green with your office space.

Adding plants to your office space also has the added bonus of improving the air quality of your office. By purifying the air, plants filter out allergens like dust and help reduce common allergy symptoms.


Some of the Coolest Office Fit Outs

2. SelgasCano Architecture, Madrid

Selgas Cano Architecture may not be as well-known as some of the names on this list, but their place as one of the coolest office fit outs in the world is most definitely deserved.

Known as the office in the woods, the building is a partially sunken tube with one side made entirely of curved glass. The abundance of glass and scenic surroundings allow employees to feel like they’re working in the middle of a forest.

According to researchers, the scenic quality of our daily lives has a direct correlation with our personal well-being. This impacts both our mental disposition and our behaviour. Not only can scenic spots prompt us to get outdoors and be more active, a much publicised study has recently found that exposure to nature can reduces stress.

A report from the World Green Building Council has shed even more light on this correlation. It states that “longer distance views, away from computer screens or written documents, allow the eyes to adjust and re-focus, which reduces fatigue, headaches and the effects of eye strain in the long term. Views also have a positive impact on wellbeing, in part by providing a psychological connection with other groups of people while in a safe space.”

Scenic locations (like the one Selgas and Cano chose) can therefore have a tremendous impact on your employees, and while this isn’t possible for many businesses, there are other ways to incorporate “scenicness” into your office fit out, without having to move. For example, incorporating features like a rooftop garden or even adding some nature-based prints around your office interior can recreate natural views in urban areas.

Such an amazing office fit out, for a relatively small firm, shows you don’t need to be a multinational giant to give your employees one of the best work spaces in the world.


Airbnb one of the coolest offices in the world

3. Airbnb, Dublin

Like Google, Airbnb has many stunning office spaces dotted around the world. What makes Airbnb’s Dublin headquarters, stand out from the others is that it’s been designed completely from scratch by the company and will become a blueprint for other campuses around the world.

The Warehouse (as it’s been nicknamed by employees) features numerous meeting rooms inspired by Airbnb listings around the world. The main characteristic that ties all these diverse spaces together is its clever use of natural light. Airbnb’s Dublin HQ is flooded with lots of natural light, making it seem contemporary and spacious.

The white office walls, complemented by the use of white office desks, help bounce light around the room and maximise every inch of daylight that pours in.

Not only does this make the space feel bigger, it also has a range of benefits for your employees. Employees in offices with natural light can be up to 15% more creative, between 3% – 40% more productive and can get 46 minutes more sleep per night.

In fact, a 2003 study from the California Energy Commission found that just giving employees access to a window in their office had a significant impact on their work performance.


Coolest Office Fit Outs in the World

4. Etsy, Brooklyn

The walls of the popular e-commerce site’s Brooklyn-based headquarters, are adorned by curated art from various New York-based Etsy sellers and with nine stories of office space to decorate, there’s no shortage of art. In total, there are hundreds of different installations, ranging from colourful murals to wall coverings made from salvaged wood.

Companies, like Etsy, understand that incorporating artwork into an office fit out, does more than just make your work space more aesthetically pleasing.

By decorating your office with artwork, you can greatly improve employee experiences. Aesthetics aside, art can unlock creativity within your employees and inspire them to come up with new and exciting innovations.

Furthermore, one survey of office workers found that, 83% of employees felt that artwork was important in the work environment. Of those employees, 73% said their perceptions of the workplace would change if the art was removed.


Leo Burnett Moscow coolest office in the world

5. Leo Burnett, Moscow

The final office fit out on our list is the Moscow headquarters of the global advertising agency, Leo Burnett. While this office has been named the best office space in Moscow, we think it’s one of the best in  the world.

The office itself is housed in a former Bolshevik confectionery factory, originally opened in 1885. Although it now more closely resembles a modern art gallery. Like Etsy’s HQ, this advertising giant understands the importance of art in an office space.

What makes this office fit out noteworthy, is the enormous sculpture of a pair of glasses. The glasses are said to represent the iconic pair worn by Leo Burnett himself, the company’s founder.

Artwork is a great way to incorporate your company’s history and brand story into an office fit out. By paying homage to the company’s founder in their office’s design, Leo Burnett reminds employees of their company’s brand and their founding values. This ensures that these values are at the forefront of employees minds every single day.


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