5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Office Screens

Screens for office fit outs in Ireland

When it comes to contemporary office fit outs, open plan arrangements have easily become the norm. They allow more communication between employees and encourage collaboration. But it isn’t always the optimal choice for your operation. You might require more private areas for your staff to work within. Utilising office screens is an ideal solution for this.

You still might not be sure if they’re right for you. So here’s our list to help you figure out if dividers are the right way to go.

5 Reasons To Use Office Screens

Cut Out Distractions

If your staff require privacy to concentrate, or an environment free of distractions, an open plan office could be the exact opposite of what they need.  The perfect solution?

Full height office screens are the ideal solution to block out visual distractions, resulting in improved productivity and added privacy at work. Employees can also be distracted noise and chatter around the office. Screens can also be soft furnishings and so can help to absorb noise, which will be a tremendous help for your employees when they want to block out whatever noise is happening around them.

Designate a Meeting Area

Depending on the size of your office, or how its arranged, you might find yourself short of an appropriate meet up area. Office screens can be used to create a convenient, casual location to hold meetings in. The screens offer privacy, cushion sound, and can act as a break away area when you need a space that’s separate from other workday tasks.

Improve Organisation

One of the issues with an open-office plan is that it can be hard to determine where one department ends and another begins, which can confuse visitors or people who are new to the company. Using a screen to divide the office into departments or sections can make it much easier to find the person you’re looking for and improve overall navigation in the workspace.


A great perk of office screens is how they can be used as a part of your overall office décor. Rather than having a bunch of desks cluttered together, you can have them segregated into neat zone and separated by splashes of colour. The customisation they offer is endless. Because they’re so easy to move around you don’t have to stay committed to one particular layout, and because they can always be easily updated, when you can tired of one colour scheme you can revamp your whole office for at a cost effective price.

Additional Storage

Partitions are not only ideal for dividing the office and improving productivity, they also double as extra storage spaces. Employees can attach documents, baskets, and even whiteboards to the screens, which frees up space around the office and leaves important information close to hand for when it’s needed. Some people like to hang a picture of a loved one or their family on their partition, which adds a personal touch to brighten up a dull office!

Make sure to browse our range of Office screens, and contact our team if you’d like help deciding what’s right for you.

Screens for office fit outs in Ireland

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