The Importance Of The Office Reception Area

Office fit out and the perfect reception

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that your reception area is the first point of contact for your company. Therefore, when you begin a new office fit out, it’s vitally important that you make sure the whole area, including the reception furniture, is welcoming and comfortable. Branding, company tone and personality, and the kind of staff who work for you might all be judged by a quick visit to your waiting room, so make sure you know exactly what you need to accomplish.

Office Fit Out – The Perfect Reception Area

Have a clean, visually impressive desk

The reception desk is likely to be the first thing someone sees as they enter your office, so you want to make sure that it catches their eye. It should be easy to approach in case they have any questions. The design of the desk should be impressive and show off just how spectacular your company is, but it should also match the design of other furniture in the room.

Bright colours can create the impression of an innovative, forward thinking business who are a bit of fun and would be suited to a young technology company, while more traditional receptions using wooden desks and duller tones would give off the vibe that the business is slightly more formal and well-established, suiting a solicitor firm or something similar.

Keep It Functional

Whatever style you decide is right for you, the most important thing is that it remains functional. After all, you’ll have a receptionist working there all day and they’ll need space to be able to work. It should also be easy for incoming clients to speak at, and if they’re be required to write or fill in any forms, it might be best to keep it at a convenient height for them to lean against.

Provide comfortable seating

Seating in the waiting area is just as important as anywhere else in the office – perhaps even more important than other areas. It won’t be unusual that a visitor will have to wait, and they should be comfortable while they do. They could also be there for a long time, and will no doubt begin judging the class of your enterprise. The seating should also be designed to fit the décor of the rest of the office.

And don’t forget about the receptionists seating! You may have a number of people working at the desk so you should have an adjustable chair to make sure they’re comfortable, and one that looks professional, encourages them to sit up straight, and fits in with the rest of your reception design.

Office fit out and the perfect reception

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