A Beginners Guide To Office Refurbishment

office refurbishment

Are You Ready For A New Office Look?

There are many reasons why a business would opt for an office refurbishment. Perhaps your office has aged over time and the layout and design is starting to look a little tired. Maybe your business is really beginning to kick off and expand, leading you to require optimal use of office space.

The office is now seen as an important part of daily life, after all, we spend most of our weekdays inside for 8 hours or more. An effective office interior has the ability to attract and retain top talent so don’t underestimate the power of a revamp. As a result, more and more businesses are creating office interiors that potential employees will want to work in.

Office refurbishment can include changing everything about a current office space. From the ceilings, walls, furniture and windows there is so much to consider. Here is a simple guide on how to start.

Why Would You Like An Office Refurbishment?

It all starts with why. Why do you want an office refurbishment and what should the end result do for you and your business?

Your employees may be unhappy with the current layout. Your current office may not reflect your brand and identity as much as it could, if at all. Your office may look dull and shabby, not an attractive place to bring business partners to have meetings with.

Identifying why you would like an office refurbishment can help plan what needs to be done and at what timescale is possible.

Assemble A Project Management Team

Now that you know the reasons why you are getting an office refurbishment done it’s time to assemble a project management team.

Within your office who is going to be involved in meeting with the office refurbishment specialists? Are you going to let the marketing team have an input as they know what would best fit for brand image? How about HR and workplace safety?

One person needs to be appointed as the main point of contact. This person should be someone who is in a senior position, who knows your company well and who is a good communicator. Someone who will be able to make key decisions that will pay off.

Things To Consider Before The Project

Before the office refurbishment is set in motion there are things you need to consider first. These points should be discussed with your office refurbishment team to minimise disruption.

  • What needs to be carried out first and what has the most priority
  • Create a calendar synchronised to avoid potential difficulties when signing for items when senior members are out of the office
  • The work that can be done during office hours and out of office hours
  • Do all electrical, heating and lighting systems comply with workplace health and safety regulations or do they need updating
  • What type of workplace are you looking for

Choosing The Workplace That Best Fits Your Business

You and your staff need to put your heads together and really think abut what type of workplace is best for the team as a whole.

Make a list of what you like and dislike about your current office and what you would like to change. Is it more collaboration you are after for your team? Would you like a more flexible way of working? Does your business require more space for meetings?

All these points will eventually work into your brief which you will present to office refurbishment specialists before the project takes place.

Speaking To An Office Refurbishment Company

This was a simple and quick guide for you to think about key points before approaching an office refurbishment company. Of course, if you are ready to approach specialists then look no further than Axis Office Fit Out.

Because your company is like no other, you need an office refurbishment that’s like no other. Our team know better than anybody that in order to achieve a truly unique project, it’s best to have as many options as possible.

This means we keep a huge stock of executive and designer furniture that will make any office truly pop. When you work with us we’ll be able to show you a range of products that will complete your office refurbishment and prompt the next stage in your company’s growth.

When you are ready to start your office refurbishment talk to us today by calling 01 524 0989 or by emailing [email protected]

office refurbishment