A list to consider for your office fit out in Dublin

There are many reasons companies consider an office fit out in Dublin. A couple of reasons that must be close to the top of the list include new premises and expansion. However, whatever your reason, the new design of your office will be with you for many years to come, so taking some time to consider how to create the best office for your company is a wise move. Having a new office fit out in Dublin really is an opportunity to up your game, don’t let it pass you by.

Below we look at some of the questions you should ask yourself and consider some of the possible answers.

Do you know how your business works best?

When you’re considering an office fit out in Dublin it’s important to think about the sort of layout that will get the most from your team while creating the best atmosphere. Do your staff members move around a lot, or do they take ownership of a single desk? Do they collaborate often?

A good starting point is to analyse your current office. Make a list of what works and what could be improved. It can be important to include some of your employees during this stage. This is because they will use the office in different ways and can provide some unique and valuable insights. It also shows your team that they have a voice and their input matters.

Research some of your options. Look at things that could benefit your particular way of working. Would a communal area promote collaboration and creativity? How often do you have clients visit the office?

Build flexibility into your office fit out in Dublin

The answers to the above questions vary, but for the vast majority of businesses it’s a combination of all the above depending on the employee’s role. This means an element of flexibility is highly beneficial. Embracing flexibility in your office fit out in Dublin also allows you to accommodate new employees as you continue to grow.

As an example of flexibility, consider a meeting room. It might be used as a board room in the morning but need to be rearranged for a lecture or training purposes in the afternoon. A more open plan office can make it easy to move desks around to suit any specific purpose.

All this flexibility translates into less disruption in the future, greater productivity, and a happier workforce. Even informal discussion areas can provide a boost. According to an MIT study, workers tended to time their breaks so they could take them together, which increased the overall productivity of the company.

Have a clear vision for growth

If you’ve already outgrown one office, or at least the design, then you want to ensure you maximise your investment in this new office fit out in Dublin. Having a plan to accommodate future growth will mean your investment in your new office refurbishment provides you with maximum returns by lasting as long as it can.

Think about visitors

If your clients visit regularly, then it’s also important to consider their comfort and the impression your office creates. As with most things, first impressions count. Consider the journey they will go on from when they arrive at your office to when they leave. How can you put them at ease quicker? How will they interact with the new space and the people in it? Imagine you were visiting an office, what would you like to experience in order to leave with a positive image of the company?

Incorporate your company image into your office fit out in Dublin

Whether you’re sticking with your current branding or taking this opportunity to rebrand you company, employees and visitors should recognise the colour scheme and branding in your office instantly. Just splashing the company colours around the place doesn’t necessarily work. Branding can be far more powerful when it’s subtle. Use simple accessories and your company logo or name to highlight areas or items that will be noticed. Professional help is hugely useful here but having an idea about what you want incorporated will shorten the process, as you’ll be able to be clear and concise with whoever is performing your office fit out in Dublin.

Don’t become so engrossed in design you forget practicality

The more creative people out there can become so engrossed in designing a beautiful office that some of the more practical considerations fall by the wayside. Don’t forget to incorporate storage space, whether at individual workstations or for more general items, such as stationery or cleaning products.

Nothing will spoil the first impression your company makes quicker than a cluttered or messy space. A clean, tidy, and organised space also promotes creativity and will encourage your employees to keep it that way.

Lighting is also a crucial consideration. Not only is it a big factor in setting the tone in your office, it’s important that every employee has enough light to perform their tasks. Insufficient lighting can lead to headaches, eye strain, and reduced productivity. A workspace that is too bright can be equally as off-putting.

Welcome mother nature into your office

More offices than ever are incorporating greenery into their office fit out in Dublin. Bringing some elements of nature into your office help to create a more welcoming space. Whether you achieve this by using natural materials or live plants, or a combination of the two, it’s worth considering.

Get help from specialists

Once you have a clear image of the type of office you want to create, it’s time to speak to the professionals. You may well be surprised by just how much they can do as they work through your ideas with you. They may also make suggestions you haven’t considered or offer innovative solutions to problems you were struggling to solve.

Everything above, and more, has a huge impact on your team, which affects your productivity. Axis office fit out have the experience and expertise to help you create your perfect office fit out that maximises all the aspects that are important to your business. Give us a call on 01 524 0989 to have a chat about how we can help you go to the next level.