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In recent months, we’ve covered several different office interior design Dublin trends. We’ve looked at the popularity of activity-based working and the possibility of incorporating more flexible work practices into your office interior design. The popularity of flexible and remote working has spawned another broader trend, resimercial design.

Resimercial design tries to combine the best elements of residential and commercial design. It appears to be a corporate answer to the rise of remote working. Not all corporations want their workforce to use technology to telecommute and collaborate with colleagues from home.

However, does adding a few home comforts to the office really help your workforce to feel more at home? Does your workforce even want to feel at home when they’re at work? To get to the bottom of these fundamental questions will require an honest discussion with your employees.


What Is Resimercial Design?

There’s a little more to resimercial design than simply buying some comfortable armchairs and a few rugs. When it’s well executed, resimercial design is tailored to the individual needs of the company and uses carefully selected materials, furniture, colours, and accessories for the intended purpose. The design principles behind resimercial design are all centered on human-centric design. When done properly it will be a multi-sensory experience that enhances the workplace for employees and visitors.

Many companies are finding the best solution is a combination of approaches. This allows employees to have all the tools they need to be productive, but also enjoy relaxation and collaboration spaces that feel a lot more informal and boutique like.

Our brains interpret our surroundings in ways we don’t consciously perceive. Every detail is absorbed, from the material of the floor we work on to the smell coming from the kitchen, and every detail we consciously or unconsciously experience has many associations. The more positive associations our brains notice in a space the more we will like that space.

Resimercial design also requires additional attention to detail. The average person will be a lot more particular about the purchases they make for their home than the average company will when making choices for office interiors. To capture the essence of resimercial design requires the same attention to detail for office interiors Dublin an employee would pay to designing a room in their house.

The majority of people spend the most money on their kitchen and bathrooms. This isn’t just because a kitchen is full of expensive appliances, but it’s also the hub of the house in many homes. They are also two areas where workplaces are notoriously bad. Creating a more homely kitchen and restrooms can go a long way to achieving the desired effect for office design Dublin.

We’ve blogged about going green before, not just in an environmental way, but also by bringing some nature into your workplace. This also works for resimercial design, as the greenery creates a more homely feel, as well as energizing your workforce. You don’t always need to use actual plants to bring nature indoors. In fact, any aspect of your office interior design Dublin that can be switched for a natural alternative will help. Using furniture made from reclaimed timber, or other natural materials, are more reminiscent of nature.


Does It Work?

There’s a study somewhere on the Internet to support most ideas, even when they’re opposing. Remote working was surrounded by a lot of positive data and research, but bigger corporations have struggled with absent workforces. A growing number of companies have been changing their stance on remote working for some time, right back to 2013 when the CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer, gave employees that were working remotely an ultimatum, they needed to start working in a Yahoo! Office or quit.

Ever since, a slow trickle of companies has taken the same stance. More recently, the slow trickle has started to look more like a steady flow.

The face-to-face time employees can only get in an office environment is good for productivity and the quality levels of their output. In fact, a Harvard University study on found that researchers who worked in close proximity to other researchers produced papers that are more meaningful.

Another study carefully tracked employee interaction. It concluded employee’s who had more unexpected encounters with co-workers performed better.


Why Should You Care?

Despite the availability of studies to support nearly every viewpoint, there is a common thread amongst them all. A happy workplace is far more productive. Recruitment and retention become easier. The best places always have human-centric design at their heart.

We have seen these design trends for a while in the tech industry, with companies like Google leading the way when it comes to implementing new design philosophies. Maybe the innovative nature of the tech industry makes them naturally more likely to jump into a concept with both feet. Regardless of the reason, these companies are doubling down on their innovative office spaces, which in an industry primarily driven by data should tell you most of what you need to know.


Speak To Experts To Make The Most Of Your Office Interior Design Dublin

Some of these ideas sound too fanciful for office interior design Dublin, but you don’t need to implement extreme ideas to benefit from some of these. We can help get the combination of design styles just right for your company.

Creating a productive and happy office interior design Dublin that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. We are experts in all elements of modern office interior design Dublin, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are considering a full shift to resimercial design, or simply updating some of your communal areas, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

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