How Office Fit Out Services Benefit From Colour Psychology

Colour Psychology Office Fit Out

When we’re choosing the colour scheme for an office we tend to select colours that compliment your company’s own colour scheme. However, your choices of colour can have an impact on the productivity and mood of your business. If you’re considering using office fit out services any time soon, it’s a factor worth considering.


What is colour psychology?

Colour psychology first came to the forefront when it was used as a tool for psychotherapy. They discovered that a dominant colour could influence our moods. Unfortunately, the effect a colour has on an individual can vary depending on his or her own personal experience and background. Despite these variations there are ways you can stack the odds in your favour.

When you’re giving information to the company performing your office fit out services, simply telling them preferred colours isn’t always enough. The light and dark shades of different colours can have opposing effects. An experienced company will already know the dos and don’ts of colour choices, but it’s definitely worth you being aware of varying effects, because ultimately it will be your choice.


Why it works

There are no hard and fast rules for colour choice, but selecting the best colours for your type of business, or even a particular area within your business, adds another element to ensuring your workplace is a pleasant and productive place for employees and customers.

The commonly accepted principles of colour psychology are:

  • Each individual colour has a specific meaning.
  • When a person sees a colour they automatically evaluate it.
  • This evaluation can induce specific feelings related to that colour.
  • The impact of colour on our mood is automatic.
  • The meaning of a colour is dictated by tone and context.

Selecting your colour scheme based on the emotions you want to evoke can help to make your workspaces work harder towards your goals. When you use office fit out services it’s important to consider the potential impact of all your choices, including office furniture, layout, colour etc.



White is a largely uninspiring colour, but can act as a great base for colour to be added with accessories and furniture. We tend to associate a large amount of white with sterility and cleanliness. Too much brilliant white can cause eyestrain.


Yellow & Orange

These are both very warm colours. When we use the correct tones they are associated with warmth and happiness, but if we use shades that are too bright they can cause feelings of frustration, anger, and even hunger. Exceptionally bright yellow or orange can also over stimulate the eyes causing unnecessary strain.



Red can be a very stimulating colour, but also a very overpowering one. It can be used effectively as a complimentary colour rather than a main choice. It has been shown to increase brain activity, respiration, and heart rate. It’s traditionally associated with love, passion, and anger. A lot of red can be over stimulating and get employees too pumped up. Some employers use red in areas they don’t want employees to hang around in, such as canteens or corridors.


Green & Blue

These colours can have the opposite effect of red, lowering both blood pressure and heart rates. Gentle tones can be a great way to give eyes a rest after prolonged screen time. Green is generally associated with nature, and can be used to help reduce anxiety. However, really dark tones of both these colours have been found to induce feelings of sadness.



Brown is a largely underrated colour. It rose in popularity during 2017 when office fit out services started incorporating more natural materials. It has an expansive range of shades, from deep rich chocolate colours to gold-tinged lighter shades. Its earthiness can also be calming and add a touch of class to any space. Much like green, brown is a calming colour. Its properties make it perfect for Biophilic design when engaging office fit out services.



Pink is traditionally a very feminine colour and can have a relaxing effect on your employees. It is largely considered too cosy for most workplaces, but it can be used in areas specifically designed for relaxation or social interactions.


Ensuring your office fit out services compliments your company

When you’re designing a new office, or refreshing an old one, there are more factors in colour selection that just colour psychology. The amount of natural light, the effectiveness of the office lighting, the size and layout of rooms, as well as the companies own corporate colours and logo must all be taken into account.

While the company branding might dictate some of the colours used, there are still a lot of options available to incorporate other colours to achieve the desired results. For example, company colours can often be used as secondary colours for accessories, while the furniture could dictate the main colours.

The choices you make while using office fit out services can impact your workplace for many years to come. It’s worth spending the time


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Colour psychology can sound a little far fetched, but the ideas and psychology behind it have been proven time and time again. It might also sound like something you don’t need to consider for office interior design Dublin, but you don’t need to base your whole design on these principles to benefit from them. We help to incorporate the right amount of lots of different aspects to ensure you get the balance just right for your company.

Creating a productive and happy office interior in Dublin that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. We are experts in all elements of modern office interior design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are considering a full refit, or simply updating some of your communal areas, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

Colour Psychology Office Fit Out