5 Tech Trends You Could Use With Innovative Office Design Services

office tech trends

Technology has been disrupting different sectors for quite a while. Office design is different, there is such a varied range of potential designs, purposes, and outcomes, that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, there have been some interesting developments in office tech that could potentially help support your business and drive it forward. From individual tools to company wide solutions, the options are limitless, and below we’ll share a few of our favourites you might want to incorporate into your office design services.


Personalised lighting

Lighting can play a big role in our mood, especially as we get older. There are several considerations when thinking about personalised lighting. A younger person needs less light; insufficient lighting causes eye strain and headaches, which can ultimately reduce the happiness and productivity of your staff. As with a lot of tech developments, personalised lighting is controlled via an app. The user can brighten or dim the lighting in the immediate vicinity. The app will also remember your preferences and automatically adjust the lighting if you move to a different workspace.

This might seem like overkill to some people, but it depends on your overall office layout and how it’s used as to whether it’s worth incorporating into your office design services.


Office automation system

As the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to expand, we are seeing a shift towards increasingly connected homes and offices. An office automation system takes this to the next level and gives you an unprecedented level of control over the office environment. Your air conditioning, lighting, and heating can all be connected and easily controlled from a tablet. More advanced systems will even save you money by monitoring the number of people present and adjusting the environment accordingly.

These can be a great addition, especially if your office is a fast-paced environment with lots of foot traffic, but for many smaller offices, the cost wouldn’t outweigh the benefits.


VoIP phone system

We know this isn’t new, but as data connections have improved VoIP phone systems have started to make more sense. They have many advantages over a traditional system. They allow everyone to be truly mobile by receiving calls through the system anywhere they go. They are also usually feature packed, allowing companies to appear much bigger than they actually are, and integrated voice menus reduces the need for a receptionist. Perhaps most importantly, all the associated charges and system costs are usually lower when you opt for VoIP.

The many advantages make them the perfect choice for small businesses. They allow you to save time, money, and offer you a lot more control over your phone calls than a traditional system.


Connected whiteboard

This is more of a productivity tool than part of office design services, but if you’re planning to use one of these, there are considerations that could impact your office layout choices.

Google and Microsoft have both created popular connected whiteboards. Rather than several people crowding around a screen or monitor, with the Google Jamboard for example, you use a 55-inch 4K display everyone can see. You can either use the display as a touchscreen, or people can connect their mobile devices to it and make additions and suggestions from their own device, allowing everyone to be more spread out and comfortable when collaborating. They are also connected to the Internet, so if you quickly need to source an image or send a message, there’s no need to move away and lose your flow to do it.


Desks that are friendly

Even office furniture is becoming smarter, from adjustable desks to treadmill desks; whatever you can imagine there’s a good chance someone is making it. There has been an increasing importance placed on office ergonomics, and adjustable desks are part of a natural progression towards a healthier workplace. Employees can set the desk to the optimal height for them, or even raise it so they can use it as a standing desk. If someone works in a traditionally sedentary job, then changing their posture frequently throughout the day enables them to stay productive and improves their health.

There are even more extreme options, such as a treadmill desk. Not that we’re suggesting you can type and run at the same time, but a gentle stroll at a standing desk while working has been shown to improve memory and concentration, once you get used to the fact you have a treadmill sticking out your desk.


Avoid office design services fads

There are loads more tech developments that could be incorporated into your office design services, but it’s important not to obsess so much over the technology that you neglect the most basic principles of design. A great office design will be able to pull all aspects together in a seamless way. Then if you want to add a desk sensor that encourages activity (yes that’s real), give all your employees a wearable wristband that helps to reduce their workplace stress, or even an LED light with a built in projector, you can.


Office design services for you

Office design can be a complex and stressful service. Working with a professional company that fully understands your needs, and carries out a comprehensive planning stage, will ensure you successfully create the space you want.

Some of these ideas sound too fanciful for office design services in dublin, but it really depends on each individual company. Using office design services to create a productive and happy environment that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. We are experts in all elements of modern office interior design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are considering a full redesign, or simply updating some of your communal areas, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

office tech trends