Should you try to do your own office interior design?

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It is now a well established and accepted fact that the physical work environment, including offices, cubicles, social spaces, and décor all play a big role in the productivity and efficiency of your workplace. However, many of the rules seem fairly simple to stick to, and most of you are intelligent enough to do a bit of research and manage a project yourselves. So, what’s the point in paying extra money for a professional fit out company for office interior design Dublin?

You can liken designing your office to getting your car fixed. You may well have a rudimentary understanding of how some parts work, you may have even performed some minor tasks yourself, but if your car needed major work, you wouldn’t spend weeks or months performing research then attempt it yourself. It would be false economy, and it’s unlikely the end result would be as good.

There are several important reasons you can’t afford to skimp on your office design, here are just a few.


Why does office design matter?

The design of your office is important on many levels:

Employees: If your workforce like the environment they work in they are more likely to be happy and stick with the company. A lack of certain skillsets is increasing the focus on employee retention. As your workforce will be spending a lot of time in the place of work, it’s a good idea to consider making their lives easier when finalizing your design.

Image: How your office looks will create the perception of any visitors to your office. A beautiful and efficient design will create a lasting impression for the right reasons, which is far more desirable than making the wrong impression.

Health: There are an abundance of studies building up that discuss the importance of striking the best balance to avoid workplace stress, which leads to fewer employees needing to take sick days, greater efficiency, a happier workforce, and an all round nicer place to be.

Productivity: An office designed around the specific ways your company operates will be fitter for its intended purpose than a generic layout. The design should be tailored to facilitate your employees’ tasks throughout the day. Do they work alone or collaborate? Do they have a social space? Do they need to communicate regularly and freely with other employees?


How does office design affect your brand?

A new office design gives you a great opportunity to express your brand. Your brand is more than just a logo, it’s being developed in your customers’ subconscious every time they engage with or visit your company. From customer service to the presentation of your office can be equally as important in shaping your brand as your marketing material.


How does office design affect productivity?

Productivity can be affected in many ways. Your office interior design Dublin will directly impact employee morale. As it makes up a large part of an employee and visitor’s perception of your company, it can also change the way they view the overall culture of your brand.

When creating an office interior design Dublin for productivity, there are several factors you must strike the right balance between. These typically include the following, available size, the amount of exposure each task designated area needs, level of accessibility, the purpose of the space, the direction the space needs to focus the users attention, and whether all of the required technology will be easily incorporated.

Rest and relaxation can be just as important to office productivity as effective workstations. Some companies refer to them as breakout zones or social areas. They provide an area for your employees’ to recharge their batteries and return refreshed. They’re also a great place for informal collaborations and brainstorming, as well as providing a less formal area to meet with clients.

While this list of questions isn’t exhaustive, answering them will start to help you paint a clearer picture of the type of space you need for different tasks. It can also be a good idea to involve your employees. The feedback of your workforce can prove invaluable when squeezing out every last ounce of productivity from your office interior design Dublin.


Do you trust yourself to strike the right balance?

A successful office design will take all of these factors into account. It will also consider other aspects, such as colour psychology. While each aspect on its own might seem manageable, striking the right balance can take years of experience and trial and error. If you don’t work in the industry, it can be almost impossible to achieve. This is the main reason using a professional fit out company for your office interior design Dublin is not just a good idea, but essential.

Striking the right balance to compliment every aspect of your brand and workforce, all while ensuring your employees’ are as productive and efficient as possible requires expertise. The questions asked before designing even begins are often the most important factor, as these will ultimately guide the design language and overall style.

Asking your employees’ for their opinions can also be a great way to get them more invested in the workplace. It will help your relationship with them and ensure you don’t overlook any good points they may make.


Getting your office fit out right first time

Designing a successful office that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. This requires an honest conversation and a little bit of corporate soul searching. Thankfully, at Axis Office Fit Out we have loads of experience in helping you to create the perfect space. We are experts in all elements of office design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are completely gutting your office, or just updating your furniture, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

office interior design dublin