Office Interiors Dublin Requires Some Corporate Soul Searching

Tips for office interiors Dublin

There are lots of design tips about creating a modern office space. Blindly following trends in office interiors Dublin can be counterproductive for your workplace. It is far more important to design a space that works for your business. Your office is like an additional weapon in your armoury of success. It should be designed for maximum productivity, employee satisfaction, and flexibility. Designing an office that reflects your company’s core values and brand will help to create the right atmosphere. At the same time you want it to strike a very delicate balance between privacy and openness, all while giving the right impression to any visitors you may have.

When you consider all of these factors individually it can seem like an insurmountable task. However, striking the right balance is often just a case of asking the right questions and having honest answers.

5 Questions To Ask Before Planning Office Interiors Dublin

It’s important to make sure your new design and layout efficiently caters to the needs of all workers. Ask yourself and your employees the following questions:

What would they/you change about the current office environment?

These can relate to physical attributes or personal ones. Many modern office interiors Dublin are open plan. Some employees might feel the need for more privacy, and may actually be more productive in a quiet environment.

What do they/you like about the current office set up?

It’s important to keep or enhance the positives. An office refit is a massive capital outlay, the return on which is an improvement in company as a whole. Eliminating current positives would be a step backwards.

How do our employees like to work?

Often this varies according to the task. Sometimes team collaboration is essential. Other times an employee might rather have a quiet space to concentrate. Getting the balance right will depend on the balance within your workforce, and the type of work your company is involved in.

How do we want to be perceived by clients and visitors to the office?

Your office space helps people to build an image of who you are as a company. This is one of the reasons open plan offices have become so popular, to reflect openness and transparency in the workplace. You should ask yourself if the first impression given by your office interiors Dublin matches your brand? This can be important when you’re hiring new talent. The environment they walk into will dictate how they see, and therefore how they react to, the company in general.

If you had to list five priorities in order of importance, what would they be?

You could compile a list of potential answers for employees, and yourself, to put in order according to their own priorities. Include items like privacy, openness and flexibility.

Specific Consideration For Office Interiors Dublin

This list is by no means exhaustive, and there will be additional questions specific to your company. If you are expanding or have a high turnover of staff and want to attract top talent, then you may like to include them in the same pot as clients when considering what first impression your office interiors Dublin makes.

Some offices need to be able to accommodate people from other companies or departments, or even clients who need to work. Would they simply blend in with everyone else, or have a designated space just for when this need arises. Whatever solution you decide to opt for, you want a make a good impression.

Now You Have Done The Research, Take It On Board

Many offices that undergo any sort of expansion evolve in a very ad-hoc way. This can lead to people being crammed into spaces not big enough for them, as well as having people from a single department scattered throughout the workspace.

Planning new office interiors Dublin gives you the opportunity to start again, factoring in any future growth. It also allows you to reorganise your layout so it’s easier for people to interact with the employees they need to. Even if you mostly opt for an open layout, you can factor in a quiet area where employees go when they are working on something intensive. It also serves as a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign to other employees.

Be The Good Guy

Now you have taken everything into account. You have all the feedback you need from employees. Are there any other considerations for office interiors Dublin? You want your employees to want to come to the office. It’s pointless making any sort of large capital outlay if the majority of your workforce decide to work remotely whenever possible and not use the space.

There are several ways you can make the office space more appealing on a personal level. Simply having a flowing and well-designed space will be a big factor. Other factors relate to the little segments of time in-between the projects. Consider including some artwork, or vibrant primary colours in your decoration. Greenery has also been found to be beneficial, as they not only make employees feel more relaxed, they also purify the air.

However you opt to add a personal creative touch to your office, ensure you have all the basics sufficiently covered. Having plenty of power sockets and connectivity options will make it easier for employees to share their work and ideas with others. Combine these factors together and throw in plenty of amenities, and suddenly you have a happier, more productive workforce.

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Tips for office interiors Dublin