Office Design Ireland: The Importance Of Going Green

office design green

How high on your list of priorities should creating an environmentally friendly and pleasant office design Ireland be? Most businesses first priority is usually cost or efficiency. Sometimes the direct route to these is not the most productive. The evidence has been piling up for years, and it all points towards the fact creating a greener and happier working environment for your employees pays dividends.

The benefits are more far reaching than just those experienced in work, with your employees enjoying an overall better sense of wellbeing. A Harvard University study discovered employees working in green certified spaces enjoyed a 26% boost in cognition, while the companies involved saw a reduction of 30% in sickness related absences.

The minimalist workspace in a sanitised environment doesn’t hold the same appeal anymore. A work environment can be a very stressful place, and the key to increasing productivity, health, and the overall happiness and wellbeing of your workforce seems to be intrinsically linked to creating an environment that counteracts the causes of stress. A creative environment will foster the same spirit in your employees.

There are several factors, some which should be incorporated into your office design Ireland process, and others anyone can implement right away, that will help to improve your office environment.

Literally Going Green

Incorporating greenery into your office design Ireland environment doesn’t just make it look better. One of the main complaints workers have is poor air quality in an office. We are all familiar with the saying, ‘stuffy office’, but the added greenery creates a feeling of freshness. According to a study performed by Exeter University the perceived air quality improves, as does concentration levels and employee engagement.

A lot of office design Ireland environments are also in a city, which can lead to employees faced with a never ending barrage of grey and beige environments, urban sprawls, and feeling disconnected from nature. Make your office design Ireland an oasis from this constant assault on the senses.

A calmer environment also has the added bonus of less stressed employees making better long-term decisions. The frantic feel of some offices can lead decisions to be made on the basis of short-term gratification rather than the greater good.

The Value Of Art

We all want our employees to strive for excellence. Incorporating some uplifting and inspiring artwork into their environment can boost productivity and increase wellbeing. Many big corporations incorporate art into public spaces, while some use design to create their own art within the work environment. It also doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You don’t have to cover your walls with original works from Leonardo da Vinci or Damien Hirst. You can find much more reasonably priced local sculptors or artists that add a more personal touch and help you to support the local community. There are also plenty of artists all around the world who sell their photos, sculptors, and paintings through brokerage sites for much more reasonable prices.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then you could even commission a one off piece from a local artist. You may even be able to have some input to make it relevant to your business, adding a little more personalisation and inspiration for your employees.

Construction Elements Of An Office Design Ireland

These factors are all easily incorporated into an existing office design with only a minor redesign. However, there are also many beneficial ways to improve your office space at a more fundamental level.


A lack of natural lighting was another common complaint among workers. Unless you are building an office from scratch this can’t always be easily resolved. While we can’t make windows appear out of thin air, we can improve the quality of the light in your office. Modern LED lighting provides a cost effective alternative. They can provide a much better quality of light that can be tailored in different parts of your workplace to suit the tasks completed in any particular area.

An LED lighting installation will also eliminate the humming of traditional light units, and emit far less UV radiation. You will also see a healthy reduction in your electricity bills as they only use a fraction of the energy.

Renewable Materials

You can give your office a much more natural feel by incorporating renewable materials into the design. Everything from recycled wood to metal fittings can be repurposed in a stylish way. Some repurposed timber could even be used in its raw state. This can save you money on your office fit out and gives the bonus of adding a visual element to your commitment to the environment.

For more traditional materials, such as paint, you can also opt for a more environmentally and employee friendly option. Choosing a water-based paint with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) dramatically reduces the odour created and minimises the negative impacts on the environment and employee health. There are options available suitable for every application in the modern workplace.

Humanising The Workplace

To summarise the above, finding ways to humanise your office so it is less clinical positively affects your employees. This in turn creates a happier, healthier and more productive team of employees. The introduction of interactive elements not only de-stresses your workforce, keeping them working at an optimal level, but it adds an element of control, something many feel is lacking in the modern workplace.

Working With The Right Team Can Make All The Difference

Whether you are considering refreshing your office, or you need a complete fit out in new premises, speaking to us first will put you ahead of the curve. We have extensive experience in office fit outs, and understand the importance of incorporating as much value as possible while working within your budget.

We have a very experienced and highly qualified team that will assess your workspace and your requirements and identify the best ways for your office to reach its full potential.

We’re always excited to hear from existing and potential clients, so if you have any needs relating to office design get in touch with us. You can contact us through the website or give us a call on (01) 536 7578. You won’t regret it.

office design green