The Popularity Of Activity-Based Working Design In Office Interior Dublin

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Over the past few months we have spoken extensively about the importance of selecting the right materials, going green, and optimising your space. We’ve explored ways you can make your office more productive, while at the same time increasing the satisfaction of the workforce. Activity-based working (ABW) is a culmination of many of these individual principles into a single methodology.

The benefits of this fluid way of working have seen more offices adopting its principles into their office interior Dublin, often with great success.

What is activity-based working?

The core principle of ABW is to provide employees with a variety of spaces within their office interior Dublin, suitable for performing different tasks. This provides them with choices about when and where they work, depending on the task they are currently undertaking. There will be a mixture of open plan and private spaces, so employees always have access to an area that suits their immediate needs. It can also extend beyond the office, utilising technology to enable staff to work outside the office, whether from home or on their daily commute.

A few of the benefits of ABW

  • Flexibility – organisations are discovering how much more productive employees can be when they are allowed to control their own work/life balance.
  • Wellbeing – By its very nature an activity-based workplace encourages movement. The modern sedentary lifestyle is increasing the risk of various diseases.
  • Trust – Allowing your employees to choose where and how they work creates a sense of empowerment, and helps to foster a relationship of trust between the employee and the organisation.
  • Performance – When employees choose where and how they work, they become more invested in the project they are working on, and are more likely to complete it quicker.

A culture shift in your office interior Dublin

To successfully implement ABW requires everyone working in the office to buy in to this way of working. If you’re used to having your own desk, then switching to a more fluid environment can be weird initially.

Having an open discussion about how the office interior Dublin will be utilised allows people to air their concerns and suggestions, confronting any implementation problems before they arise, and creating a collaborative mindset. When everyone has input they will be more invested in the concept, and how it will work.

Another common aspect of ABW is time management. Allow employees to choose their own office hours. This could be within a particular timeframe, or you they may even be able to get access to the office 24-hours a day. The average commute is over an hour, and eliminating this wasted time, when their daily tasks can easily be completed from home, increases productivity and leads to a happier workforce. When employees do come into the office, because they need to collaborate, meet with a client, or just want to use your office interior Dublin, it is by choice, which improves their attitude towards being in the office considerably.

Why design is crucial for ABW

There is no set design that works for ABW. The principles must be applied in a way that fits your company and the way you work. Successful implementation requires catering for all of your employees needs, as they will no longer have their own permanent desk in your office interior Dublin.

Once we have clearly defined your employees’ needs, we can start to look at types of work carried out. The spaces created will be designed to accommodate the work types, and volume of each type. The most common spaces created include…

Areas for multiple people

There are lots of scenarios where several people come together. It could be to collaborate on a project, attend a meeting, or for a presentation. Incorporating both open collaboration spaces, and a more private meeting room can cover a lot of scenarios. Collaboration spaces can vary depending on the sorts of projects you work on. Some need a big worktop to accommodate lots of papers and artwork; others are more like brainstorming areas and simply need individual chairs and a coffee table.

Are any of the spaces for multiple people going to be purely used by internal workers, or will clients be using any of them? Do you regularly welcome clients into your office? If you answer yes, then it might be worth considering a meet and greet space.

Another consideration when designing office interiors for multiple people is social interaction. Have you got a staff canteen, or do people eat their lunch in the office? Do you need a specified area for lunch and social interactions? Do you need a changing room for staff that cycle to work? Offices with sufficient space can even incorporate a gym, or relaxation spaces into their office interior Dublin design.

The furniture and design detail of the area will be dictated by your needs.

Areas for individuals

In a fluid environment employees can need their own space for several purposes. Traditional workstations are often needed, as are quiet spaces for concentration. When the correct balance is achieved the workplace environment greatly improves the employee experience.

As well as somewhere to park their laptop for a couple of hours, employees are just as likely to need a little privacy. Whether they are having a privileged phone conversation, or need somewhere private to deal with a client’s confidential matters, a space with a closeable door will always be needed.

As offices become more open plan and inclusive, the opportunity to have some quiet time provides a welcome option.

Getting your office fit out right

Designing a successful office that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. This requires an honest conversation and a little bit of corporate soul searching. Thankfully, at Axis Office Fit Out we have loads of experience in helping you to create the perfect space. We are experts in all elements of office design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are completely gutting your office, or just updating your furniture, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

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