2018 Design Trends: Creating A Modern Office Interior

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After decades of very little change, modern office interior spaces are now evolving at a quicker rate than ever. This is largely because our workplace is a reflection of how we work, and the unrelenting pace of technological advancement is constantly changing the way we work.

Some trends from previous years have disappeared into the bad idea bin, never to be seen again, but plenty have stuck around. Office design is being disrupted by changing technology, work habits, and a cultural shift in expectations. While it’s good to shake things up, investing in a modern office interior must involve a careful design process to ensure your employees and your company benefit from the changes being implemented.

No two offices are exactly the same, so to suggest finite details to suit every office would be unhelpful. Instead, we are going to look at design trends you can apply to your own office design in a way that suits you.

A Modern Office Interior Has A Growing Need For Flexibility

If one thing has defined the last decade of office design, it’s change. Whether it’s incorporating new technology, adapting the space to suit activity based working, or creating a more environmentally friendly and healthy environment, the advancements keep coming thick and fast.

In order for a modern office interior to be effective, it can’t just cater to what your employees are doing today, but must also incorporate enough flexibility to adapt to what they will be doing tomorrow. This has largely been achieved by creating spaces suitable for different uses, while also embracing a more open plan layout.

As technological advancements and changes to working habits aren’t going to slow down any time soon, it’s imperative to minimise the impact of future changes by designing with your future in mind. There are many relevant questions depending on your businesses activities. Is there a possibility augmented or virtual reality will be used in your business in a few years time? Are your employees going to need 24-hour access to your office in the future?

The Focus Is Shifting Towards The Needs Of The Individual

A trend we can see continuing, and becoming even more common during 2018, is designing office interiors to suit individuals. Identifying the needs of individual employee’s and ensuring they are catered for. There are many needs that crossover with other employees, but some are specific to certain roles, and employers are increasingly creating spaces for specific activities when creating a modern office interior.

Environmentally Friendly Materials And Technology, Both On The Surface And Under The Skin

The benefits of using natural materials are well documented, but 2018 will be the year of variety, and natural materials will be mixed with lots of other materials to create an eclectic mix. Raw man made materials, such as exposed steel and concrete, are proving popular when mixed with wood, stone and greenery.

While these elements are all about decoration, we expect to see a continuing shift to newer technologies under the surface too. Lighting, networking, and communications are all areas open to improvement in older office designs.

The Outdoors Will Creep Indoors

It’s easy to forget we humans are animals. We have an instinctive need to bond with nature, and creating natural surroundings within your modern office interiors Dublin can have a whole host of benefits. This bond with nature is called Biophilia, and has given rise to a whole new category of design called Biophilic design.

Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google have incorporated Biophilic design principles into some of their workspaces to great effect. In its most extreme form it incorporates the use of outside areas, emphasizes the importance of views from the office, dictates the use of materials, colour, and plant life in the workplace.

Not all offices have access to outside spaces, or have a budget to incorporate some of the more comprehensive principles. Most offices incorporate Biophilic design principles in a subtler manner, increasing employee wellbeing without the need to construct a completely new building.

Recharging your employees batteries

No, we don’t mean providing access to a plug socket so they can recharge their phones. We are referring to their physical and mental wellbeing. As employee retention becomes more important, employers are making more of an effort to create an environment their workforce loves. It also helps to show your awareness of issues surrounding their wellbeing, such as helping them to maintain their mental health.

Having a small kitchen with a coffee machine and an old table isn’t a suitable social space any more. A modern office interior will often include spaces designed specifically for relaxation and social interaction. Whether it’s to grab a coffee or take a power nap, creating these spaces and trusting your workforce to use them appropriately helps to build trust and respect, and improves the overall relationship between you and your workforce while improving morale.

As these spaces grow in popularity they are proving to be far more than a gimmicky idea to make your office appear modern. They have proven to help prevent your workforce from becoming tired and drained, and therefore less productive. Higher levels of productivity are then maintained while undertaking tasks. It is definitely worth considering when looking at your office design Dublin.

Getting your office fit out right

While trends come and go, our years of experience and expertise are always available to help you design the perfect office space for you. We can help you to maximise your space in a way that not just makes the most of it today, but will continue to serve your business tomorrow.

Designing a successful office that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. This requires an honest conversation and a little bit of corporate soul searching. We are experts in all elements of office design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are considering completely changing the layout of your office, or simply giving it a refresh, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

modern office interiors dublin