Office Design Dublin Trends: What You Need To Know

Trends in office design Dublin

Because the business sector is in a constant state of flux, office design Dublin trends are continuously evolving to create new and inventive ways to improve on the different kinds of office space. Many locations that would have been difficult to work with in the past have been utilised to create environments that aren’t just efficient, but also make their companies thought leaders in the office fitout industry.


You won’t necessarily run into one of these forward-looking designs simply by walking around the city centre, so when you begin to consider what can be done with your office, you might be at a bit of a loss.


To help you get started, we’ve created this Office Design Dublin Trends guide. In it, we’ll outline what kind of contemporary ideas are being put into use around the world. Most importantly, we’ll also explain how they can be applied in practical ways to help improve your company work flow. Keep reading to get all kinds of ideas for your office fitout, or, if you’d like to get advice straight from the horse’s mouth, make sure to call a member of our team today: (01) 536 7578

Office Design Dublin Trends

Health and well-being in office design Dublin Trends


Health and fitness has become a huge part of people’s lives. It wouldn’t surprise you to hear that many international companies incorporate entire gyms into the infrastructures of their businesses as well cafeterias with healthy food options ­– in large part this is so that they can attract and keep the best industry talent, but there’s also a lot to be said for a happy workforce being a productive one.


Of course, you probably don’t have the budget to build an entire leisureplex for your staff, but when it comes to office design Dublin trends, there are a whole bunch of ways to improve the quality of life for your employees, and by extension, improve the quality of your office output as a whole.


One key design idea that can be implemented almost anywhere is movement.


As you know well, most office workers are stuck sitting at their computer desks all day long. It isn’t natural to be tied to a chair for that length of time, so as a result there is a huge amount of potential to improve the mood of the room.


Incorporate stand up desks for those who are interested in them and create a meeting area that doesn’t use chairs – you’ll find a meeting can become a lot more involving when you’re standing around a nicely placed conference table.

Open planning and individual workspaces


Over the years, open planning in office environments has become one of the key elements that’s common among companies who want to create a contemporary atmosphere for their employees. What’s more, it’s a style we’ve helped to incorporate ourselves: It allows for continued collaboration among employees and is one of the best ways to ensure that there is plenty of communication throughout the workday.


But there’s a lot to be said for creating individual workspaces too.


No matter what you learn from office design Dublin trends, you know that as important as it is for your staff to be able to talk in an office that encourages them to put forward creative ideas, there is also a lot of practical work that requires quiet and concentration. Faced with these realities, you might think that your business will be faced with a binary choice: Open planning or individual workspaces.


To that we always say: Why not both?


With smart planning you’ll be able to create a friendly, open environment, that also allows people to escape to their private work areas and get down to business.

Incorporating technology


One thing that has always driven trends in office design is the technology we use. Just like how typewriters and fax machines gave way to desktop computers and email, the equipment you choose now is changing the design of your office environment.


For starters, there is always the problem of wires. Where can you hide them, do you need to, and what can be done to minimise their use? With an extensive office fitout, you’ll be able to plan the arrangement of desks and outlets to keep the room free of clutter.


Even more interesting to consider though is the technology you haven’t begun to use yet. With gadgets like pocket projectors, pads, VR and AR equipment, any area that surrounds you can become another environment entirely.


To lead the way in office design Dublin trends, we firmly believe that your fitout should be directed by the needs of your company. You should experiment with what kind of new hardware you can use to break the mould, then the design of your office will follow suit.

Working with Office design experts


No matter how much research you do, if you want to get the most out of your workspace, you will need to work with an office design company with extensive experience in office fitouts. A qualified team will be able to examine the space you have to work with and utilise their skillset to identify exactly how it can reach its full potential.


Mostly importantly, they’ll draw upon their years in the industry and knowledge of the most contemporary styles to create an office that doesn’t just match your needs, but will make you one of the prime innovators in your field.


Our office fitout team are always ready to get the ball rolling on a new project, so if you want to learn more about office design Dublin trends, or if you want to talk specifically about your office, make sure that you send us a message or give us a call: (01) 536 7578

Trends in office design Dublin