Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Furniture For Your Office Interior

furniture for office interior

A lot of attention is given to your office layout, but sometimes the usefulness of selecting the best office furniture can be overlooked. Some people get so carried away with creating modern workspaces they make their office interior choices mainly on aesthetics alone. While it’s important to make sure your furniture fits not just the style of your office, but the company’s identity, spending a bit of time ensuring you get the best choice for you can turn a stylish office into a more productive and comfortable place to be.

Selecting the right furniture for your office interior can be crucial when creating productive modern workspaces. There are design, health and safety, and practical issues that need to be balanced to ensure your office ticks all the boxes.


1. Fit for purpose

This might sound a little obvious, but the way you work should be a factor when you consider what furniture to buy for your office interior. Will it be a shared desk or someone’s permanent place of work? What type of work will predominantly be performed?

If a desk is going to have a desktop computer permanently set up then it’s safer to buy one with wiring holes or electrical channels so all the wires are organised tidily and don’t become a trip hazard. If you deal with a lot of paperwork then you might want to opt for a desk with a bigger surface area so you have room to spread out. If it’s a shared desk then it won’t need as much storage, so draws become less of a priority.

Identify the way your desks will be used, and what they will be used for, and then select furniture for your office interior that will make your team’s job even easier. The wide range of furniture available for office interiors Dublin means you can select what you need without compromising on creating your perfect modern workspaces.


2. Quality modern workspaces

One of the quickest ways to spoil the look of your office is to buy poor quality furniture. Not only will it feel horrible for your employees, but within a year some items will need replacing, and if you can’t find a perfect match then mismatched chairs and desks start to creep in and will spoil the whole look of your office interior.

Just because you want high quality furniture doesn’t mean you have to spend the earth. Opting for good quality materials and a reputable supplier should help ensure you get exactly what you need.

Signs of quality:

  • Draws that open smoothly and to their full length
  • If laminate is used it should be sufficiently thick and high pressure laminate
  • Does the supplier offer any guarantees?
  • The fitment between adjoining pieces and the edges should be neat

There are many other indicators, but if your purchase your office furniture from a reputable supplier then this should all come as standard.


3. Comfortable office interior

The health and safety of our employees has never been more at the forefront in office design Dublin than it is now. You should select furniture for your office interior that mitigates health risks, and helps your employees to perform their duties in comfort. There are quite detailed reports on workplace posture. Most of us will spend a large portion of our time at work, so ensuring long term exposure doesn’t cause any harm is an important factor. The more comfortable your workplace is the happier your employees will be, which is good for them and your business.

Chairs must support your back in the right way at all times. If they are going to be used by multiple people then adjustable backrests and arms will allow the user to adjust it to their preferred position. Just because they are practical and effective doesn’t mean they can’t still be sleek and stylish.

There are lots of desk options available, from traditional desks chosen to suit your space and duties, right through to adjustable height sit/stand desks designed to prevent back problems. When sitting at a desk you must have plenty of room underneath, and be at a comfortable height for the tasks you’re performing.


4. Colour scheme and branding

It’s easy to pick the things you like the most in quite an isolated manner, which can lead to a bit of a mish mash of styles and colours. Using an overall colour scheme and theme for your office fit out will help you to stay focused when selecting your office furniture.

Most companies opt for a colour scheme for their office interiors that falls in line with their brand. For visitors to your office the overall look and feel of the space will paint a first impression, so you want to make it a good one. It also needs to be welcoming enough for your employees to work in on a daily basis.


5. Be Practical

While the design aspect is good fun, making the whole space as functional and as flexible as possible will reap rewards. Do your employees need individual storage? Do you need communal file storage? Has everyone got enough elbowroom? There are lots of details that can help your office interior become a pleasure to work in.


Make the right choices from the beginning

Our years of experience and expertise are always available to help you select the best office furniture for you. We can help you to maximise your choices in a way that not just makes sense today, but will continue to serve your business tomorrow.

Designing a successful office that will work for your company often hinges on striking the right balance. We are experts in all elements of office design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are considering completely changing the layout of your office, or simply giving it a refresh, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

furniture for office interior