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If you spend your working week in an office, this amounts to nearly 100,000 hours over your lifetime. That’s a lot of time to spend in a bland and dull environment. Here we’ve compiled a list of some international office interior design to help inspire you next time you are considering an office fit out.


Google keep it unique

From Cambridge to Kuala Lumpar, Google always ensures every office is unique. They pull out all the stops to keep their employees happy and productive. While nearly every Google office is a little wacky, they all tend to stick to a central theme. The Google office in Orange County is based on beach culture, to the garage inspired Amsterdam office, which is supposed to be a reflection of the garage where Google was started.

Even our very own Dublin Google office can provide plenty of international office interior design inspiration. Including 5 restaurants, 42 micro kitchens, fitness centre, pool, communication hubs, over 400 informal and formal meeting rooms, wellness area, and conference facilities, the inner city office must be one of the best-equipped spaces around. The huge space is used as their headquarters for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and is home to employees who speak over 45 languages. There aren’t many other office interiors Dublin that come close to Google.


Zappos go crazy

The online retailer, Zappos, have built a truly wacky office in Las Vegas. While many of us are happy with a comfortable desk space and plenty of power sockets, their employees needed an indoor jungle with a ball pit. The company is well known for promoting employee creativity, but their CEO takes things one-step further by intentionally factoring in some inconvenience.

Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, believes inconvenience can lead to more unexpected encounters and increase creativity and collaboration. Each employee has a completely movable workstation, with power and connectivity coming from the ceiling, they are free to relocate to other parts of the office as they see fit.

The office is part of a wider initiative to revitalize the downtown Las Vegas area, and they have even reduced the amount of space each employee has to help mimic a bustling inner city environment. When it comes to international office interior design, they don’t come much wackier than this.


Kickstarter keep it creative

The Kickstarter HQ is located in Brooklyn. As you’d imagine from a company that provides a platform for creative entrepreneurs to find funding, their international office interior space is pretty awesome. The space was originally an old pencil factory that had been left to rot until Kickstarter purchased it. It’s a very open layout with loads of mismatched comfortable spots to sit and work. The office even features its own solarium, which helps to bring the greenery of outdoors into the space and provide plenty of natural light. The solarium even has its own river when it rains.

They also provide employees with a huge kitchen area that’s fully stocked with snacks, breakfast food, coffee, and iced tea. They say this space has become the hub of the office, and so many employees use the space Kickstarter decided to install industrial appliances to cope with the flow of people.


Github use international office interior design to keep employees happy

Github is still a relatively young company providing collaboration tools for software developers. As people coding in dive bars started the business, they decided to bring this culture into their San Francisco office space. Every morning each employee can decide where he or she wants to work. They can choose from a museum, a speak easy, several cafes, two bars, a coding cave, or from home. This is to allow each employee to take advantage of his or her own particular work style.

Each are offers a variety of work options and environmental factors. They provide a variety of workstations, from individual height adjustable desks to large collaboration tables. There are also plenty of comfortable areas for employees to use with their laptop. One floor of the office is a quiet space for those who like to be surrounded by tranquility as they concentrate, while another includes more social elements and music.

The office design is all about flexibility. It provides as many options as possible to allow employees to make the most of their workday and use their own knowledge of how they work to maximise their own productivity. As international office interior design goes, this must be one of the most pleasant places to work.


More unusual features of international office interior design

ICRAVE is an innovation and design studio based in New York. While their office space is pretty impressive in its own right, the archery facilities stand out as one of the more unusual features. It’s a great way for employees to let off steam, just make sure they’re not attaching pictures of their boss to the target.

Inventionland is made up of 16 unique themes areas for small groups to work. You can work in a giant shoe or robot, or if you’re feeling a little more swashbuckling why not spend a few days working on a pirate ship or in a tree house. They have created a theme to appeal to everyone, and the ultra creative space is ideal for the ide incubation they try to achieve.


Getting your office fit out right first time

Designing a successful international office interior can be challenging. While it’s easy to be wacky, creating a truly inspiring space that still manages to be productive and useful can be a little trickier. Thankfully, at Axis Office Fit Out we have loads of experience in helping you to create the perfect space. We are experts in all elements of international office interior design, fit out, and refurbishment. Whether you are completely gutting your office, or just updating your furniture, we can help. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 015240989, or send us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to hear from you.

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