Introducing Workplace Wellbeing In Your Office

Workplace wellness can be defined as any activity that promotes wellbeing and contributes to healthier behaviour in the workplace. The notion can be implemented in your office as a programme or policy with all staff in mind.

The idea behind workplace wellness is to improve on behaviours that will generate continous healthy behaviour and eliminate poor behaviour that leads to being stressed, depressed and anxious, among others.

Importance Of Workplace Wellbeing

Within the last year, it was discovered by the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (Ibec) that six out of 10 employees were more likely to stay in employment for the long haul if their boss looked out for their wellbeing. Out of the 1,000 employees surveyed, nearly half admitted they would quit a position if their employer showed no concern for their wellbeing.

The above facts are insightful to how important workplace wellbeing is. Particularly for the millennial generation, it is not uncommon to move from job to job several times over. A common occurrence in this day and age. Money aside, you will stay in a workplace if you are content, within measure, and your employer is not insufferable and/or your coworkers are easy to get along with for longer than if you were in a toxic working environment.

But there’s more to workplace wellness than just getting along with those you work with. In the next paragraph we will explain in further detail.

Workplace Wellbeing As A Broad Term

Workplace wellness is a broad term as it encompasses many factors. Flexible working hours, mental health initiatives, free healthy snacks provided in work, exercise and mindfulness classes are all examples.

The core factors of workplace wellness are physical health and fitness, nutritional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, mental and social wellbeing.

If one factor is lacking then an employees overall workplace wellness will lag. All factors need to be considered to promote the overall wellbeing of a workforce and increase maximum productivity and work ethic.

Incorporating Workplace Wellbeing Into Your Office

The popularity of workplace wellness implementation is forever on the increase. You witness and hear about it across the internet, radio, television and in newspapers and magazines. You’re even reading about it in this blog post. See, everywhere. So, how does one incorporate workplace wellness into their office?

Well, we have several ideas. See below:

  • Add A Comfortable Space: By adding a comfortable space to your workplace you allow your employees a chance to unwind and breath at lunchtime which produces positivity. This space allows for open and creative conversations, a place to motivate and reenergise.
  • Introduce 15 Minute Coffee Break: Or a tea break, or just water. Considering everyone’s tastes here. The point is, it is important to be able to take a breather. Ever feel like your head is melted and then you go away for a short break and come back to life?
  • Add plants: Greenery such as plants and flowers can really be visually more appealing and plenty of research backs the power of nature on the positive influence of a humans psyche.
  • Consider Fitness: If you have some spare space around your office then you might want to consider including a small fitness area for your employees. Even placing a few yoga mats and weights into a free space can encourage your workforce to de-stress and get those endorphins going.

To consider the workplace wellbeing of all your employees it’s vital to keep in mind how you can make some changes, even small changes. Having a workplace wellbeing policy in place or activities will lead to the overall happiness of those you work with and who doesn’t want that?

Create a healthier and happier working environment today, sit back and watch your comapany flourish.