Office Fit Out Done Right

Whether you are looking to invest in a brand new office, resize to fit the extra employees you’ve hired or are simply going for an entirely new look, an office fit out is a huge decision to make for yourself and your workforce. It’s vital to keep in mind what will be the right fit for your brand, staff and clients.

The new layout you decide to go with will impact on your employees productivity and client impressions of you and your company. That’s why it’s so important it’s done right. Axis have compiled a few tips together to help you in your decision making.

Firstly, What Is Office Fit Out?

Office fit out refers to the process of making interior spaces compatible with the occupants of said space. The office is fitted to meet the needs of the occupants. The need for the process arises when a person is looking for a new office space or wanting to redesign their current space.

Typically, a landlord is responsible for a building and the occupant or person renting a room or office inside is responsible for the interiors.

Importance of Office Fit Out

It should be your number one goal to create a working environment your employees enjoy interacting and carrying out their tasks in on a daily basis. It makes sense to have the most suitable layout designed for your company.

Some of the reasons why an office fit out done right is so important are:

  • Increases Workplace Productivity
  • Provides Proper Use Of Space
  • Makes The Workplace More Tech Savvy
  • Create Lasting Impressions To Future Clients

Tips For A Successful Design

Axis have established exactly what office fit out is and provided a few pointers on why it’s important but how do you it right?

Consult With Your Employees

The first step you should absolutely abide by is consulting with your employees. They are the foundations of the workforce, the people who get the jobs done and on time to strict deadlines. Find out what they want, of course this has to be met with what is capable of putting into play determined by budget.

Consulting with employees should include having a conversation and putting heads together about the expectations of clients and people who will be coming into your office for meetings. Do you need private space for meetings? How much open space do you require?

Consider Your Brand Colour

What is the colour of your brand logo? Does it include a good portion of white or orange? Try to include the same colours associated with your brand into your office interior design. This further emphasises exactly what your company stands for and clarifies what your brand does. It reinforces consistency.

Regular Communication With Fit Out Specialists

For a fully successful office fit out be as involved as you can be in the process. Communicate with the specialists carrying out the project on a regular basis and ensure you know what is happening.

It’s much better to be able to give your opinion on what is the best fit for your business during the process as afterwards it will be too late.

Choose A Spokesperson

In order to make things speedier it’s a good idea to pick one person from your company who will liaise with the fit out specialists in charge of the project. They can speak for the company as a whole and take into account all employees needs and communicate these effectively.

One person coordinating will make the process quick and simple.

Choosing The Right Fit Out Specialists

An office fit out done right should be planned with the goals of your company in mind. Our team of experienced fit out specialists have the know how to work in harmony with you and advise on the most suitable design or enhancement for your new or existing office.

At Axis we will talk thoroughly with you to understand just exactly what your business is all about in order to provide the most effective plan for you. Working with specialists who understand your needs is crucial to success. Get in touch with us today on 01 524 0989 or email [email protected] for the best fit for you today.