The advantages of open plan offices

All office deigns have pros and cons, but an increasing number of businesses are realising the benefits of choosing an open plan office. They work particularly well as a modern working environment. Below, we’ve compiled just a few of the advantages.

Open plan offices encourage increased collaboration

For decades, the typical office layout would segregate management and employees, often incorporating a secretary an employee would have to get past to see a member of the management team. This created a feeling of ‘them and us’ and did nothing to enhance the working environment.

Getting rid of walls, cubicles and screens makes it simpler for employees to collaborate with each other and their superiors. Although the digital world we live in allows this to happen over the internet, people are social beings who will chat to each other about the tasks they are working on. This can lead to less duplication of work and increased productivity, as communication can be the key to a happy workforce.

The increased collaboration means employees are more likely to be aware if someone is struggling with a particular task. They can provide the help they need, or at least point them in the right direction.

Better relationships

Working as a team is vitally important in any workplace. Taking down the metaphorical ‘do not disturb’ barriers, such as office doors, will enhance the working relationships between your employees. Open plan offices provide a level playing field for all involved and make everyone more accessible and approachable.

Some businesses spend time having team building events, but with open plan offices it becomes less crucial, as team building will happen naturally.

Open plan offices make management simpler

An open plan office makes it easier for management to keep an eye on their workforce and tasks they are undertaking, allowing them to interject a lot earlier when necessary. Good and frequent communication with their team can make the manager’s job a lot simpler.

Fewer time-consuming meetings are needed as the manager will be communicating with the employees all the time. This helps to make the management of the office more effective. Studies have revealed that open plan offices result in quicker and better decision making as well as a reduction of over 50% in internal emails. Emails can be frustrating if the sender does not get a reply soon enough and it’s more rewarding if they can just walk to the workspace of the person.

From the employees’ point of view, the managers become more accessible and they are more likely to ask for help if it’s needed.

Improved employee health

Numerous studies have shown that it’s not good for the health of employees to be hunched over a computer all day without a break. Open plan offices encourage people to move about more. This increased mobility can help to reduce stress levels both inside and outside of work, as exercise is one of the best things for a worker’s well-being.

Open plan offices normally have more natural light because of the way they are laid out. This is a real advantage that cannot be dismissed when it comes to an employee’s health. Electric lighting can contribute towards eyestrain and headaches, so the more natural light the better. A healthier workforce leads to fewer working hours lost.

By their nature, open plan offices are very flexible workspaces. This allows employees to work in different parts of the office without causing disruption.

Open plan offices cost less and are more flexible

The initial outlay of open plan offices costs less as there is no need to consider small offices within the workspace, or separate working areas that need dividing in some way. The main expense is the office furniture which can just be placed where it is needed. This can also be cheaper for the future, as it’s far easier to reorganise a single large space than several different offices.

Without private offices or fixed partitions, open plan office spaces can be adapted to grow in line with your company’s needs. This helps to futureproof your offices, giving you one less headache and expense as your company grows.

Using your space creatively

When you think of open plan offices, it can be easy to imagine rows of desks with people separated by their computer screens. This may be suitable for some offices where people need to work on their own, but for most open plan offices some creativity is needed to make the most of the space available.

You may opt for a layout that promotes collaboration, have desks facing each other, or placed in a hub around the head of a project. The flexibility of open plan offices allows you to move the furniture to suit the situations and tasks that arise.

The secret, as with office designs of any style, is to get the help of experienced experts. Even open plan offices can have so many different specifications that it is worth seeking help from knowledgeable designers, such as Axis Office Fit Out. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have the best office design for your needs. We will build an understanding of how you work and discuss every aspect of what you require before putting any plans together.

We will work with you from the very start of your project. Our team will supply, fit and complete your office interior with a minimal amount of disruption in the shortest possible time. We offer a full range of accessories and office furniture, shelving, screens and anything else you could need to compliment your new office fit out.

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