Office layout design

Creating the right office layout design is a challenging task. Not only do you want to ensure all the different roles within your office can be productive by catering to their needs, but you’ll also want to consider how your office might change in the future. There is much more to great office layout design than many realise. An office layout design should solve your current problems and incorporate factors that are beneficial to communication and collaboration, as well as the right environment for a variety of tasks.

So many different factors can alter the way we work. The environment we work in is the single biggest external factor that affects our work. Below we’ll break down some of the things you must consider when designing a new office layout design.

Take the opportunity to upgrade your tech

Whether it’s your Wi-Fi or the number of sockets that are accessible, making sure your employees have all the tools they need to perform their duties is crucial. If you’ve ever worked in a well-designed office where everything is up to date you wouldn’t even notice. However, if you’ve worked in an office layout design where power points are inaccessible and the Internet is hard to access and slow when it does connect, you’ll be familiar with how much time it can waste and how frustrating it can be.

While your office layout design is being revamped, think carefully about how each area will be used and ensure there are enough services. Get it right and your employees won’t even notice.

Social areas or chillout zones

Relaxation at work boosts productivity. Rather than energy gradually dipping throughout the day as an employee grows more tired, a short period of down time is more than recouped in the productivity levels of your employees. It’s a good idea to consult your employees about these spaces. Ask for ideas and input. How do they think they’ll use them? What sort of areas do they think will be beneficial? Is there any particular equipment they’d like to have access to in there?

When well designed a chillout area becomes a productive place that encourages collaboration and communication between employees and acts as an informal meeting room, as well as giving them some time to recharge their batteries.

Consider different ways of working

Several different tasks are undertaken in most offices. While many tasks are similar, some would benefit from a slightly different work environment. Maybe they are filling out forms by hand and could do with better lighting or have been sitting down all day and need to stand for a while or are having to concentrate and need some peace and quiet.

Consider adding pieces of furniture and controls that increase flexibility, such as controllable lighting and standing desks. The improvement of having a better workspace might only be small when looked at in isolation, but when you consider the increase in productivity in relation to every task carried out by every employee, the increase quickly mounts up.

Incorporate your identity into your office layout design

Incorporating your company’s identity into your office layout design has several benefits. It reinforces the togetherness of your team, makes the right impression with visitors, and creates a continuous theme that is carried throughout your office.

There are several different ways you can incorporate your brand. You can use lighting, decoration, your logo, or even just by ensuring your furniture and layout fit your company image.

Consider how the wider office will be used

Will your office be strictly a 9 to 5 place of work, or will your employees have the ability to come and go as they need to? While this might seem inconsequential, there are things to consider if you’re going to offer flexible working hours, such as a secure entry system that is always accessible, and a heating system that keeps the office at a comfortable temperature 24/7.

You get out what you put in

The average human is bombarded by various stimuli continuously throughout the day. Ensuring your office layout design provides the right type of stimuli can make a difference. Factors to consider include the colour scheme you use, any scents in the office, and the quality of the air your employees are breathing. If an office is stuffy, oppressive, or smelly, it’s unlikely to have a positive effect on your employees.

However, a light and airy space with fresh air won’t provide any distractions. It will also be more welcoming for visitors.

Consider the materials you want to use

Many modern office designs have been utilising materials to exaggerate the design language. Natural materials, such as wood, can add a real touch of class, while concrete and aluminium can help to modernise a space. All materials should be used sparingly to compliment the décor but selecting the right ones can really alter the feel of your office. Even incorporating plants can help your workspace to feel more welcoming and has the added bonus of helping to keep the air fresh.

Whether you select materials simply for aesthetic reasons, or they are part of your company identity, they can be an important and tactile addition to your office layout design.

Your office layout design is too important to get wrong

Whether you’re starting a new company and want to get off on the right foot or are revamping your existing office to inject some energy and excitement, getting the balance right can be challenging. Using a professional company that specialises in understanding your needs, then translating them into the best office layout design for your company is a wise move. At Axis Office Fitout we’ve got decades of experience helping companies to make the most of the space they have. To discover how we can help you and your employees to have a more productive and happy work life, give us a call on 015240989, email us at [email protected], or send us a message through our website. We’re always happy to hear from you.