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The Popularity Of Activity-Based Working Design In Office Interior Dublin

Over the past few months we have spoken extensively about the importance of selecting the right materials, going green, and optimising your space. We’ve explored ways you can make your office more productive, while at the same time increasing the satisfaction of the workforce. Activity-based working (ABW) is a culmination of many of these individual […]

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Office Interiors Dublin Requires Some Corporate Soul Searching

There are lots of design tips about creating a modern office space. Blindly following trends in office interiors Dublin can be counterproductive for your workplace. It is far more important to design a space that works for your business. Your office is like an additional weapon in your armoury of success. It should be designed […]

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The Importance Of The Office Reception Area

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that your reception area is the first point of contact for your company. Therefore, when you begin a new office fit out, it’s vitally important that you make sure the whole area, including the reception furniture, is welcoming and comfortable. Branding, company tone and personality, and the kind of […]

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3 Essential Furnishings For Your Office

A tidy desk, tidy mind. There’s a lot of truth in this. And when it comes to office fit outs there’s simply no for creating a clean and organised environment. Without adequate office furnishings, it doesn’t take long for the place to start falling apart. And whether it’s for office hardware or good old-fashioned paperwork, […]

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